World of Love: Chinese Children's Painting
On View November 18, 2008 through February 14, 2009
In partnership with Project HOPE and United Commercial Bank, the Pacific Heritage Museum will host the only San Francisco viewing of World of Love: Chinese Children’s Painting Exhibition. This collection showcases more than 100 pieces from a children’s art competition held at three children’s hospitals in Shanghai, Beijing and Taipei. World of Love is open to the public with free admission from November 18, 2008 through February 14, 2009.

The exhibit is made possible through the sponsorship of United Commercial Bank. Additional support is provided by Project HOPE and its San Francisco-based Western Region Advisory Board members.

Project HOPE, together with Shanghai Municipal Art Education Committee, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, Beijing Children’s Hospital, and Taipei Chang Geng Children’s Hospital organized the art competition to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, the 50th anniversary of Project HOPE worldwide, and its 25th year anniversary in China.

The winners were announced at an award ceremony last June 1 (International Children’s Day) hosted by Dr. John Howe, President and CEO of Project HOPE and Dr. Liu Jenfen, Director of Shanghai Children’s Medical Center. Following the awards ceremony, over 950 pieces of art were shipped to the U.S. for multiple exhibits in various cities, events and eventual sale. The Pacific Heritage Museum is one of the venues in the U.S. involved in this project.

Many of the paintings in World of Love were created by young hospital patients, who are using art therapy to cope with the medical challenges they are facing. The brightly colored drawings and paintings on display convey themes of hope, love, life, and harmony. Healthy children also donated their artwork to raise funds for the hospital.

“It’s our honor to present World of Love: Chinese Children’s Painting Exhibition,” said Manni Liu, spokesperson of Pacific Heritage Museum. “This exhibition is unique in so many ways, but most importantly, it has provided a voice and an artistic platform for the children to convey their aspirations and dreams. We expect the SF community to be delighted by the exhibition’s vivid images and illuminating themes.”

All the paintings in this show are available for purchase and the proceeds generated will benefit Shanghai Children’s Medical Center and Project HOPE's mission to improve access to health care for China's children. Artworks purchased can be picked up at the exhibition’s conclusion.

“We are proud to work with Project HOPE and the Pacific Heritage Museum to bring this inspiring and heart-warming exhibition to San Francisco,” said Eleanor Chang, Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing at United Commercial Bank. “Much of the bank’s growth, success and heritage is deeply rooted in the Chinese community, so we are thrilled to showcase inspiring artwork from China and Taiwan for Bay Area families and art enthusiasts to enjoy.”

The Pacific Heritage Museum is located at 608 Commercial Street, San Francisco, CA 94111.
Tel: (415) 399-1124. Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10 AM to 4:00 PM. Admission is free.

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I Am Recovered by Bao Mingxian (Age 7) I can Stand by Cai Chan (Age 10) River at Hometown by Wen Tianhua (Age 11) Sisters Playing in the Springtime by Zhun Chenyun (Age 7) The Best Performance of the Dolphins by Yuan Xinyi (Age 11)
I Am Receovered
by Bao Mingxian (Age 7)
I Can Stand
by Cai Chan (Age 10)
River at Hometown
by Wen Thanhua (Age 11)
Sisters Playing in the Springtime
by Zhun Chenyun (Age 7)
The Best Performance of the Dolphins
by Yuan Xinyi (Age 11)